About Boitempo

Boitempo is the largest independent publisher of critical thinking in the Portuguese-speaking world. With a consistent and widely respected catalog, it is dedicated to publishing essays related to the humanities and works of radical fiction, for rebels of all ages.

Among its main international authors are Alain Badiou, David Harvey, Giorgio Agamben, György Lukács, István Mészáros, Mike Davis, Perry Anderson and Slavoj Žižek. In Brazil, it’s the publishing house for some of the most important radical thinkers of our time, such as Emir Sader, Francisco de Oliveira, Leandro Konder, Maria Rita Kehl, Michael Löwy and Paulo Arantes. Boitempo’s editions of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, with commentaries and translated directly from the original writings, have made it an international point of reference. In order to enhance interested readers’ access to the radical thinking promoted in its books, Boitempo has built up a tradition of promoting major events, such as courses, conferences and international seminars. David Harvey and Boitempo’s team at the publisher’s office in São Paulo, March 2013

David Harvey and Boitempo’s team at the publisher’s office in São Paulo, March 2013

Praise for Boitempo

“Boitempo is for me as God was for Voltaire - if it did not exist, we would have to invent it!” 
Slavoj Zizek

“What Boitempo have achieved in all these years is admirable in every sense. Of all the publishing houses that have published my books in different parts of the world, I value most highly their editions – and not only because of the beauty of the volumes, but above all because of their ability to reach the relevant readership.”
István Mészáros

“A torch of publishing independence and courage in Brazil.”
Perry Anderson

“Boitempo is to radical publishing what Brazil is to football.”
Mike Davis

“Boitempo is the best non-fiction independent publishing house in Brazil. It takes risks, it encourages creativity, it defies market norms.”
Tariq Ali

“A remarkable publisher with a very fine list. It’s a joy to work with.”
David Harvey

“An impressive leftwing publisher of which I have had very good experiences, as a reader as well as a writer.”
Göran Therborn

“It’s hard to think of a better publisher than Boitempo both for readers and for writers, intelligent and imaginative both in its choice of books and in its collaboration with authors.”
Ellen Wood

“Boitempo has been a really impressive publisher. I really appreciate how supportive and active they are.”
Julian Assange

“An outstanding publishing house. Not only for the quality of its books – the best of Brazilian critical theory, cultural studies and humanities – but also because of its ability to organize cultural and political initiatives: seminars, conferences, debates, eagerly followed by hundreds and sometimes thousands. The existence of Boitempo changes the Brazilian publishing landscape.”
Michael Löwy

“Meeting Boitempo was a great experience: a left-wing publishing house, politically committed, organizing conferences and discussions, and at the same time committed to the highest standards of quality for the books published. A gift for readers and writers.”
Michael Heinrich

“Boitempo is simply the best independent radical publishing house that ever existed.”
Emir Sader

“Brazil is an emerging country on a cultural level: to realize this, just take a look at Boitempo.”
Domenico Losurdo

“One of the best publishers in the world. The exposure of Marxist culture by Boitempo is of incalculable importance.”
Atilio A. Boron

“Boitempo was born and lives inspired by ancient and always new ideals of freedom and justice that give us robust hopes and magnificent examples of combativity.”
Leandro Konder